Semi-Detached House Near Orchard Road Up For Sale For $7.84mil

One of the two-storey semi-D home at 61 Jalan Kelawar has been put up for sale via bid, by having proposals projected to hover at around $7.84 million else $2.5K for each sq ft, disclosed exclusive marketing and advertising realtor KF.

Suits at Bartley – Jalan Bunga Rampai

Taking pleasure in a 9m frontal along Jalan Kelawar, the freehold residential property takes up a 288.0 sq m spot which is region “non commercial, 2 level semi-detached” included in the 2K19 Master Plan.

The residency is placed in an exclusive domestic enclave near the Orchard Road shopping area additionally the coming future Orchard Blvd Mass Rapid Transit station.

KF considered the fact that the proximate surroundings stands “primarily non commercial in nature, containing landed housing along with premium condo plus house advancements”.

Given the site’s place, the residence is expected to pick up intense attention, shared Ian Loh, Head of Capital Markets for Land & Building, Collective & Strata Sales, KF S’pore.

“We carry on to witness considerably intense enthusiasm for premium properties as well as landed homes, specifically residences in favored locations. Landed homes in near vicinity of Orchard Rd are really barely available, for this reason KF expect the home to entice keen attention,” he announced.

The bid for 61 Jalan Kelawar closes on 22 December.

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